Fresh Resolutions

Day 1

Last night was the first NYE that I spent sober for a long time. Rather than getting somewhat sloshed on middle-of-the-price-range prosecco, joe and I had a night in. Joe studying for the most important exam in his medical career and me? Well, I was playing the Sims3 surrounded by chocolate wrappers. Enviable, I know.

Many will still be sleeping and will have missed the doomsday-like clouds that hung heavily over Aberdeen earlier this morning. But being hangover free means I am up and ready to take on 2015. And I mean that sincerely. I’ve been living with depression and anxiety for over a year and, honestly, it has been astoundingly suffocating.

Fresh Resolutions
So on this early January 1st, I have marked my self-help new year by making three, fresh resolutions:

1. Complete the Balmoral Duathlon
2. Complete Veganuary
3. #writeandrun31

1. Last year I promised myself that I would tackle a duathlon after completing the Paris Half Marathon but missed it due to my crippling moods.
2. I’m in toil over dairy consumerism.
3. I would like to write Children’s Novels but unsure where to begin when it comes to writing, so I’ve pledged to #writeandrun31. Each day, for 31 days, I’ve to run (will help with duathlon training) and write. You read it here first, I pledge to run every day for 31 days then write my blog.

Today is Day 1 and I’m running to my New Year’s Day Body Pump class, then run my shaky legs home.

If you’ve ever fancied yourself a runner or writer, I’d suggest you give #writeandrun31 a go! You’ll find it here It says taking up two new things is harder than one, so even if you don’t fancy running, why don’t you try something else? Won’t it be great when at least one of them turns into a new hobby? My fantastically enthusiastic Body Pump instructor reminds us during our hardest tracks that summer bodies are earned in winter!!

Writing a Blog
So the cat is out of the bag. This is the first time I’ve written and I’ve decided to blog about my training progress. The latter is intimately linked with the day’s moods and interests, which will undoubtably infiltrate my progress update.

So I’m all ears if you want to give me advice about, well, anything, really! Do you have fantastic vegan recipes I can try? Excited about pace or hill runs and want to share techniques? Or happen to be a Children Novelist and want to get a budding writer, writing? Let me know. I’d love to hear from you.

Unnamable Hair
And to keep you in the know. My hair is, unashamedly, large this morning. Although, as I peek in the mirror opposite I can see it has a desirable wavy character that some hairdressers could spend hours achieving.



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