I woke up with the familiar anxious feeling in my tummy. I don’t know what was troubling me as I don’t have anything obvious to worry about. But that’s the torturous nature of the beast named depression.

I’ve been focusing on finding my lost confidence and self esteem, and I’ve definitely nicely made a lot of progress. I took a courageous step to leave my job after it damaged my self belief then became too overwhelming. I had gone to work knowing if be assaulted and not have the support of my Management Team. The latter being tougher than anything else.

Now, each day I do something that makes me happy and focus on myself. I want to be truly happy with myself again, which is why I made my Fresh Resolutions (yesterday’s blog).

Today’s 6K run was TOUGH! Aberdeen is renowned for its wicked weather, but today’s seemed dastardly and it chose to make my run a challenge. Challenge accepted. I am dedicated to my resolutions and knew that I had to get my kicks on and just get out. Luckily, by the time I got out the big blobs of sleet that had been thrown from the sky held off. Nevertheless, every time I turned right and started uphill I faced a headwind. Dedicated. Joy swept over my asthmatic puffs when I came to the long, sweeping downhill. As I picked up my torso and heels flicking back, I should’ve been flying down that road. Alas, that headwind had resurfaced with a vengeance. All I was thinking was “keep up my pace”. I did and it felt great.

It’s now late afternoon and I’m still feeling good after my run. I’ve also married off my Sim and help her achieve goals, achievements and mega promotions at work.

I’ve never been a video gamer (until two days ago) but I think I’ll take a lead out of her book. If I’m dedicated to my Fresh Resolutions, I’ll be on my way to a good writing habit and smashing my duathlon.

Untameable Hair
A light frizz at the ends. Oh, well, okay then. Big frizz and a little more than just the ends.

Strange Touching
As I was getting changed after yesterday’s Body Pump class, a woman, who I don’t know, but recognise from the gym, was talking to someone else. She abruptly stopped mid sentence, reached out into my open locker door (I had been putting moisturiser on my face) and touched my bag to know the designer. I’m pretty sure my face contorted with pure astonishment and bewilderment. Surely grabbing stuff in others’ lockers is some kind of etiquette?



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