Gearing Up

Day 4

By posting today’s blog, I’ll have fulfilled my Fresh Resolution quota (see Day 1, ‘Fresh Resolutions’). Not only have I managed to stay true to veganism, I’ll have trained for my duathlon and (here’s the exception) cycled and written my progress for Day 4.

Let’s be true to ourselves, #writeandrun is a fantastic idea, if you’re preparing for a running race. But as we know, I’m gearing up (literally…) for a springtime duathlon. This means, and I hope I have your support on this one,mI’ll allow myself to train on two wheels rather than two legs occasionally.

I Love My Bike
I lay my Lycra on the bed ready for a great ride in the sunshine. The sun has been shining beautifully all day and I’m so keen to get out for my first ride of the year. I cycle with the local cycling club, which I adore. I go to the WEDNESDAY ladies only summer training and Sunday Runs. These guys are real cyclists. Their bikes are multiple hundreds, if not one or a couple of thousands of pounds. You can catch a look of my bike in the photo. Check out this link to see our kit. It clashes beautifully with my bike paint job. I love it.

Day 4
Anyways, I’m dreaming into distraction. Bikes bikes bikes. I was so hoping to get out on his morning’s Sunday Run and play catch up with very fit cyclists, but it was too icy for me. I’m pretty sure there were a couple of hardcore guys that went for it, but at -2C, I’ll pass and jump on the gym’s spin bike for a 30 minute interval session. OUWCHA.

I’d like to consider myself as relatively fit. I do some sort of exercise every day and my active rest days treat me with a good yoga session. But my calves were burning!… Again! I love spin. It’s intense and excessive and I push myself further than you care to imagine. I love it so much that during one job, I was the extra-curricular spin class instructor. I created a 20 minute playlist for the class and, since then, have been amending it to get THE ULTIMATE PLAYLIST. It’s 60 minutes of standing, sitting, running, sprinting. I’d share it with you, but bring new to blogging, I’ve yet to gain that skill.

Blogging Skills
The Sims3 is ruining my thought process. I automatically think of the progress bar from the game when I mention ‘skill’. Ridiculous. If you have any tried and tested remedies, please share. Honestly.

But enough of the Sims3, I can share that with you later. But if you are interested, Sparrow’s Husband, Conrad dies, their adopted daughter, Molly is alive and kicking with a career in medicine and on track to becoming an Illustrious Author. She’s a best seller, you know! Oh, and she moved into a bigger place. I don’t like it though, so she may go through a spot of refurbishing.

Back on topic though, I was searching through intriguing blogs last night. It’s amazing how much creativity is out there on this one blog site alone! It was humbling on my little first blog. I can’t even change the background or work out where the follow button is on some profiles. What i would like to know is how to link one of my previous blogs to this one, for example.

I wonder also if blogging every day is too much. It’s important for January because of #writeandrun31 but I’m hoping I’ll continue this new hobby in February that will be the real challenge! Maybe I’ll blog once a week? Or every few days? I’ll start my children’s novel, but I’m assuming I don’t post specific details as someone might snap up my ideas and make them bigger and better! What happens when January is over? Do I blog my duathlon training progress? Probably. Likely.

Untameable Hair

Hair is sitting quite nicely today. After I washed out the conditioner treatment, that is!


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