Tearing the Treadmill

Day 5

Today I had to make a choice: to run or to snooze? I choose to run. I made a promise to myself to run (or cycle, or spin) every day for 31 days then blog about my progress (see my first post, Fresh Resolutions). I have 26 days to go and I’m already feeling fatigued. This is going to be a challenging feat, I assure you. As you know, I’m not new to exercise but I am new to working out every day.

Kitchen Conquered
I tacked our kitchen today. In 2014 it became a sprawling mass of Tupperware, baking tins, trays and cutters with a plethora of tea flavours in boxes and more cans of beans than one cares to imagine. At 10:00 I began the cupboard excavation, piling mugs, flasks, seeds, dried fruit and a,l kinds of pulses in the hallway. Next out was the medicine cabinet, followed by various baking ingredients and cooking dishes. Now, to have a full picture of this, we have only a little flat and I couldn’t escape from the kitchen because everything took up the hallway. Recognising that the insides of cupboards could do with I bit of TLC, I fished out the Marigolds and methodically rearranged put kitchen. It was immensely satisfying. Kitchen conquered.

Three hours later, I was feeling pretty peckish and theSims3 was mischievously luring me in (Molly married Conrad, he didn’t move in, but she adopted Harry. Molly succeeded in her lifetime goal to become an illustrious author and Conrad is now dead). I struggled to get to the gym. I chicken out of running outside today, making the excuse that it’s still too dangerous, but I read an inspirational a post yesterday (again, I’d love to link the photo to you but unsure how because it’s a facebook post) and saw that she ran in -19C (-24C windchill! Remarkable determination and dedication. I took to the treadmill for another 20 minute Tempo run. It was the right choice for me today because I left feeling great! I was tearing the treadmill with 3.50km! That’s the furthest in the time yet!

The Granite City in the Spa
Aberdeen is infamous for its architecture. It was nominated for ugliest town 2014 which didn’t succumb. There are times when Aberdeen feels as isolating as a remote island when the threading clouds or haar come rolling in from the deadly North Sea. But it is sparkling and beautiful. When the sun hits the granite buildings, our city lights up and shines. As you walk along our Main Street, the buildings are smothered in intricate decorations and the Victorian parks are a treat away from chaotic traffic and bustling streets.

Aberdeen’s culture could have been epitomised by my time in the sauna today. I walked in on two older men having a conversation about Oil (stereotype 1). If you aren’t aware, Aberdeen is controlled by the oil industry and the price of everything is exponentially more expensive than the majority of the UK. Young boys drive around their flashy cars and men dress in expensive clothing. So as I listened into their conversation, I understand that the UK is manipulating others to become an even bigger contender in the industry. They exchanged places with two younger ‘lads’ were mooching about their footballer friends (stereotype 2, football).

Untameable Hair
Not a lot to report on my hair tonight. The gym shampoo is doing a fantastic defrizzing job. It was a mad rush from gym-shower-pick up purse because I forgot it-dinner with friends-pub quiz this evening so it’s left disheveled as I take myself to bed.


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