Character Building

Day 8

The #writeandrun31 resolution comes from No Meat Athlete, a remote group/club for anyone who has chosen a meat- free lifestyle. For Joe’s birthday last year, I bought us matching No Meat Athlete running shirts. You can see the front in the photo and it says “Run on Plants” on the back. Tres cool, right? They’re an awesome bunch and their facebook page is rife with inspiration from meat free athletic writers! Or, if you’re into podcasts, they have a podcast or two you might be interested. Joe loves podcasts and listens to them on his walk to work or in the car. Anyway, the team are a really positive feed to have in your life if you’re into that kind of thing.

I embarked on something relatively scary for me. I started an online Writing Fiction course today. Lesson One was character building, in two meanings of the phrase. Yes, I studied the ideal method, autobiographical and biographical methods but I also faced the first step in my long journey to becoming a ‘real’ author. Now, many would argue that by getting my thoughts on paper and assembling them in a climatic and thought provoking way, I become an author, but you know what I mean… I mean to be published. My ideal is not to become a mass producing, best selling author (although how awesome would that be?), but I’d love to write and publish children’s books. To have hardback copies to read to my children.

I stumble at the start, though. My thoughts can be tangled as my untameable hair and I have loads of ideas for stories, but I just can’t fix my characters, which is why I en older in my new class.

If only I was as focused writing as I am when on the treadmill. I’m loving my 20 minute tempo runs and pushed myself hard today, reaching 3.65km. I started faster than usual and at 12 minutes I had a moment when I thought I just couldn’t continue. But I pushed through. I was determined to see through the next character building 8 minutes because I was only going to get faster. Wowcha! My uncertain shins are crying out to be saved so I might swap my trainers for cleats and hop on the bike. The weather isn’t good in Aberdeen for a satisfying ride so I am most likely to hop on the spin bike. Although, I spotted a new Friday night body pump class at the gym, and go h would be good strengthening exercise for my legs. I might just call the gym now, actually and book in.

Dog Sitting
A (cycling and running) friend has her parents’ dog staying from tonight for a week. He’s a beautiful, 3yo black miniature poodle and I’m looking after him tomorrow. Just so he’s not allowed be on his first day in the Granite City! We’ll get to the beach and I’ll hopefully grab a photo of him to show you tomorrow.

We’ve booked our flights and will be packing our bags in a couple of weeks for a mystical journey to Israel. I imagine it to be completely sublime, and Joe deserves a treat after studying hard for his exam at the end of the month.

Untameable Hair
Hair is windswept and frizzy. All normal.



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