Morning Links

Day 9

I sit this morning at the unfamiliar to me Mac keyboard, as I usually post on the WordPress ipad app, cradling my fusing Lemon & Ginger Tea and wrapped in a soft blue blanket. I feel upside down as I have got into the habit of writing my writeandrun31 posts after my run before going to bed. Writing has become my full stop to my day; down-time to reflect on my progress.

But I woke up with an overwhelming need to share what is on my mind. I’ve said before that I suffer from depression and anxiety but I’m feeling positive about the illness because I know I have taken monumental steps to heal myself and every day is an opportunity to find myself once again. My post Dedicated has a little more, light information about how the illness affects me. But last night I had a terribly disturned sleep, full of nightmares and have woken up feeling anxious.

Related to how I’m feeling, I read a blog that reminded me of something that helped me when I was in the depths of depression; when I thought there was nothing good about my life. Gratitude is the opportunity to mindfully reflect on the day and record 5 things you are grateful of for that day. I used an app, but to integrate it into my writeandrun31 promise, I think I’ll turn my diary into a gratitude jounral.

I want to share with you…
1. Kehinde Wiley is a fabulous artist. I first saw his work at the Jewish Museum in NYC and every since then I’ve followed his projects. His sumblime work combines  contemporary and historical visuals by portraying larger than life sized portraits of (mostly African) young, urban balck and brown men from all over the world in poses that ooze masulinity, physicality, prestige and history.

2. I was refer back to writeandrun Day 7 post, but after hunting for a few minutes, it must not have uploaded. It was a heart-spilled comment how what it is like to e the partner of a doctor. I’ll keep that for another day.

Day 9
I’m booked in to Body Pump today. An hour of muscle building and pain, leaving the studio feeling sweaty, more powerful and strong. Aberdeen’s weather is very unfriendly and so I won’t be going out to run or cycle in these winds. I’m not sure I’ll be taking little Loki out in this!

Untameable Hair
Sleeping on the poodle-like puffed hair has mellowed the frizz out. So, today, or maybe just for the moment, I’ll boast to say my hair is manageable!


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