Shin Splints


Technically, we are on Day11 in UK time as its past midnight, but we are home late after visiting Loki with friends. LOL is the charming little grump miniature poodle I was looking after yesterday. Whatta’guy!

I’ll keep it short. Yesterday I mentioned that Day7 didn’t upload, which is a shame. I had excused myself for missing running and writing on Day6 because I was tired and it’s important for me to rest when needed. But I feel it was a heart felt post about being the partner of a doctor as this week snd indeed weekend have somewhat epitomised the loneliness that comes with living with a doctor. I plan to share my experience with you tomorrow.

Another 20 minute treadmill tempo run today (I’m really enjoying them!) and although I sustained a faster pace for substantial time, I hit the 3.65km mark again. I come off the treadmill with sweat dripping from my elbows and face, my body feeling fatigued but strong and my mind alert. Keeping so many environmental factors the same gives me a good grounding to push myself. But this fast increase and intense pushing has blessed me with the onslaught of shin splints.

Shin Splints
Have you had shin splints? They’re agonising. I can feel every shattered muscle fibre even when I walk. I’ve had them once before but I thought it was just my legs telling me they weren’t strong, so I pushed through until it was a real struggle to move. That’s when I looked up what could be happening and learned. So, for the next week, if not longer, I’ll cross train using body pump, spin or cycling. I think I’ll ice my shins tomorrow to ease inflammation. I’d love to hear if you know how to treat shin splints? Have you tried compression wear? Does it work?

Untameable Hair
As we were visiting friends this evening, I decided to unwind the hair straighteners and tame the mane! (It is a Saturday after all!)



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