Joe Passed!

Day 30

It’s the penultimate day of my resolution to exercise and write every day for the month of January. This evening, filled with a dirty virus, and not been able to exercise for three days, I’m eating pizza. Well, I’ve actually stopped eating the pizza because I ate too many crisps. Great. Binge eating practically, right? Sometimes I can’t help myself.

I wish I would have been able to finish this month as healthily as it started, but it’s been great fun and I’ve learned a lot about myself. I never knew I could,d spin so hard and run so fast!!

Joe passed his exam! Yaaay! So we will actually get free time together again. It’s been really difficult for us both. But Joe has worked exceptionally hard and deserved every correct mark and more! So to celebrate, we can enjoy our holiday to Israel without worrying about any studying and exams! Just on to applying for jobs!

And speaking of jobs… My one week temporary position as Receptionist at the local car dealership has been upgraded to a promoted permanent position. I must admit, it is quite tempting given it’ll give me a few months of skills building before Joe and I move in August.


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