C’est moi!

I can’t believe I left my blog to die in an electronic ditch somewhere in the vast cyberspace. I’ve seen many Uni acquaintances this week writing online and it’s encouraged me to take it up again. So I found myself sifting through my old posts and recognising what an incredible self-help tool writing is. Hello, WordPress…. again!

I liked my writeandrun journey and thinking I’ll have to do something similar to ensure I commit to writing every other day.

A lot has changed since I last wrote and I feel my conversation flow has become somewhat sticky since then, too. I think I’ll need to familiarise myself with the various settings, tags and excerpts, too. Who knew blogging was a skill akin to piano playing? If you don’t practice regularly, you soon fall out of the way.

Let me get back to you on that one. Things that I’m interested in a the moment are metafit and salsa. But I certainly couldn’t do metafit every day for 31 days! Surely if I scour the internet hard enough I’ll find an inspiring challenge… In fact, I’m going to do that right now!


Joe Passed!

Day 30

It’s the penultimate day of my resolution to exercise and write every day for the month of January. This evening, filled with a dirty virus, and not been able to exercise for three days, I’m eating pizza. Well, I’ve actually stopped eating the pizza because I ate too many crisps. Great. Binge eating practically, right? Sometimes I can’t help myself.

I wish I would have been able to finish this month as healthily as it started, but it’s been great fun and I’ve learned a lot about myself. I never knew I could,d spin so hard and run so fast!!

Joe passed his exam! Yaaay! So we will actually get free time together again. It’s been really difficult for us both. But Joe has worked exceptionally hard and deserved every correct mark and more! So to celebrate, we can enjoy our holiday to Israel without worrying about any studying and exams! Just on to applying for jobs!

And speaking of jobs… My one week temporary position as Receptionist at the local car dealership has been upgraded to a promoted permanent position. I must admit, it is quite tempting given it’ll give me a few months of skills building before Joe and I move in August.

Run, Bike, Dance, Repeat


If you have ever had shin splints, then I need not explain the earth shattering pain that they cause. Twice I have iced both shins for 15minutes each which sends, without fail, a dull and numbing freeze throughout my lower legs.

When training for my half marathon in 2013 I caught my first, and I had hoped only, batch of shin splints and today I vouch to recognise my mistakes from last time. Which is why I was balancing running with body pump, to strengthen my legs. Alas, fate decided otherwise, or maybe I just got carried away, and crippling pain and fractured bones have indeed returned. Nice. So I’m doing everything they say to help healing and have turned to rely on the spin bike for this week until I recover. Maybe I should hire a masseuse and relish in the benefits of reducing DOMS?

Day 14
As mentioned, I now take to the spin bike to fulfil my daily fix. I love road cycling and am excited for when the weather picks up so I can take to the road for 50+ mile rides. Jeer if you wish, but I am a seasonal rider and have no wish to balance on top of two very thin wheels on an immaculate bike when the meandering and wild aberdeenshire roads are glistened with ice and snow.
So today I was spinning a mis of stick hills and HIIT for 55 minutes followed by a quick 15 minutes abs workout. I was starving by the end of it!

Dance Like Nobody’s Watching
Something I like to do when I’m alone, and yes that includes being in the car.
Promise me that you will pick at least one song and dance like nobody’s watching. I’ve selected a few of my faves:
1. Wrapped Up, Olly Murs
2. Bang Bang, Jessie J, Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj
3. Uptown Funk, Mark Ronson
4. Lips Are Movin, Meghan Trainor

Untameable Hair
Brush and hairdryer is hand, I tackled the mane and coerced it into the socially acceptable some up some down.


Morning Links

Day 9

I sit this morning at the unfamiliar to me Mac keyboard, as I usually post on the WordPress ipad app, cradling my fusing Lemon & Ginger Tea and wrapped in a soft blue blanket. I feel upside down as I have got into the habit of writing my writeandrun31 posts after my run before going to bed. Writing has become my full stop to my day; down-time to reflect on my progress.

But I woke up with an overwhelming need to share what is on my mind. I’ve said before that I suffer from depression and anxiety but I’m feeling positive about the illness because I know I have taken monumental steps to heal myself and every day is an opportunity to find myself once again. My post Dedicated has a little more, light information about how the illness affects me. But last night I had a terribly disturned sleep, full of nightmares and have woken up feeling anxious.

Related to how I’m feeling, I read a blog that reminded me of something that helped me when I was in the depths of depression; when I thought there was nothing good about my life. Gratitude is the opportunity to mindfully reflect on the day and record 5 things you are grateful of for that day. I used an app, but to integrate it into my writeandrun31 promise, I think I’ll turn my diary into a gratitude jounral.

I want to share with you…
1. Kehinde Wiley is a fabulous artist. I first saw his work at the Jewish Museum in NYC and every since then I’ve followed his projects. His sumblime work combines  contemporary and historical visuals by portraying larger than life sized portraits of (mostly African) young, urban balck and brown men from all over the world in poses that ooze masulinity, physicality, prestige and history.

2. I was refer back to writeandrun Day 7 post, but after hunting for a few minutes, it must not have uploaded. It was a heart-spilled comment how what it is like to e the partner of a doctor. I’ll keep that for another day.

Day 9
I’m booked in to Body Pump today. An hour of muscle building and pain, leaving the studio feeling sweaty, more powerful and strong. Aberdeen’s weather is very unfriendly and so I won’t be going out to run or cycle in these winds. I’m not sure I’ll be taking little Loki out in this!

Untameable Hair
Sleeping on the poodle-like puffed hair has mellowed the frizz out. So, today, or maybe just for the moment, I’ll boast to say my hair is manageable!

Tearing the Treadmill

Day 5

Today I had to make a choice: to run or to snooze? I choose to run. I made a promise to myself to run (or cycle, or spin) every day for 31 days then blog about my progress (see my first post, Fresh Resolutions). I have 26 days to go and I’m already feeling fatigued. This is going to be a challenging feat, I assure you. As you know, I’m not new to exercise but I am new to working out every day.

Kitchen Conquered
I tacked our kitchen today. In 2014 it became a sprawling mass of Tupperware, baking tins, trays and cutters with a plethora of tea flavours in boxes and more cans of beans than one cares to imagine. At 10:00 I began the cupboard excavation, piling mugs, flasks, seeds, dried fruit and a,l kinds of pulses in the hallway. Next out was the medicine cabinet, followed by various baking ingredients and cooking dishes. Now, to have a full picture of this, we have only a little flat and I couldn’t escape from the kitchen because everything took up the hallway. Recognising that the insides of cupboards could do with I bit of TLC, I fished out the Marigolds and methodically rearranged put kitchen. It was immensely satisfying. Kitchen conquered.

Three hours later, I was feeling pretty peckish and theSims3 was mischievously luring me in (Molly married Conrad, he didn’t move in, but she adopted Harry. Molly succeeded in her lifetime goal to become an illustrious author and Conrad is now dead). I struggled to get to the gym. I chicken out of running outside today, making the excuse that it’s still too dangerous, but I read an inspirational a post yesterday (again, I’d love to link the photo to you but unsure how because it’s a facebook post) and saw that she ran in -19C (-24C windchill! Remarkable determination and dedication. I took to the treadmill for another 20 minute Tempo run. It was the right choice for me today because I left feeling great! I was tearing the treadmill with 3.50km! That’s the furthest in the time yet!

The Granite City in the Spa
Aberdeen is infamous for its architecture. It was nominated for ugliest town 2014 which didn’t succumb. There are times when Aberdeen feels as isolating as a remote island when the threading clouds or haar come rolling in from the deadly North Sea. But it is sparkling and beautiful. When the sun hits the granite buildings, our city lights up and shines. As you walk along our Main Street, the buildings are smothered in intricate decorations and the Victorian parks are a treat away from chaotic traffic and bustling streets.

Aberdeen’s culture could have been epitomised by my time in the sauna today. I walked in on two older men having a conversation about Oil (stereotype 1). If you aren’t aware, Aberdeen is controlled by the oil industry and the price of everything is exponentially more expensive than the majority of the UK. Young boys drive around their flashy cars and men dress in expensive clothing. So as I listened into their conversation, I understand that the UK is manipulating others to become an even bigger contender in the industry. They exchanged places with two younger ‘lads’ were mooching about their footballer friends (stereotype 2, football).

Untameable Hair
Not a lot to report on my hair tonight. The gym shampoo is doing a fantastic defrizzing job. It was a mad rush from gym-shower-pick up purse because I forgot it-dinner with friends-pub quiz this evening so it’s left disheveled as I take myself to bed.

Gearing Up

Day 4

By posting today’s blog, I’ll have fulfilled my Fresh Resolution quota (see Day 1, ‘Fresh Resolutions’). Not only have I managed to stay true to veganism, I’ll have trained for my duathlon and (here’s the exception) cycled and written my progress for Day 4.

Let’s be true to ourselves, #writeandrun is a fantastic idea, if you’re preparing for a running race. But as we know, I’m gearing up (literally…) for a springtime duathlon. This means, and I hope I have your support on this one,mI’ll allow myself to train on two wheels rather than two legs occasionally.

I Love My Bike
I lay my Lycra on the bed ready for a great ride in the sunshine. The sun has been shining beautifully all day and I’m so keen to get out for my first ride of the year. I cycle with the local cycling club, which I adore. I go to the WEDNESDAY ladies only summer training and Sunday Runs. These guys are real cyclists. Their bikes are multiple hundreds, if not one or a couple of thousands of pounds. You can catch a look of my bike in the photo. Check out this link to see our kit. It clashes beautifully with my bike paint job. I love it.

Day 4
Anyways, I’m dreaming into distraction. Bikes bikes bikes. I was so hoping to get out on his morning’s Sunday Run and play catch up with very fit cyclists, but it was too icy for me. I’m pretty sure there were a couple of hardcore guys that went for it, but at -2C, I’ll pass and jump on the gym’s spin bike for a 30 minute interval session. OUWCHA.

I’d like to consider myself as relatively fit. I do some sort of exercise every day and my active rest days treat me with a good yoga session. But my calves were burning!… Again! I love spin. It’s intense and excessive and I push myself further than you care to imagine. I love it so much that during one job, I was the extra-curricular spin class instructor. I created a 20 minute playlist for the class and, since then, have been amending it to get THE ULTIMATE PLAYLIST. It’s 60 minutes of standing, sitting, running, sprinting. I’d share it with you, but bring new to blogging, I’ve yet to gain that skill.

Blogging Skills
The Sims3 is ruining my thought process. I automatically think of the progress bar from the game when I mention ‘skill’. Ridiculous. If you have any tried and tested remedies, please share. Honestly.

But enough of the Sims3, I can share that with you later. But if you are interested, Sparrow’s Husband, Conrad dies, their adopted daughter, Molly is alive and kicking with a career in medicine and on track to becoming an Illustrious Author. She’s a best seller, you know! Oh, and she moved into a bigger place. I don’t like it though, so she may go through a spot of refurbishing.

Back on topic though, I was searching through intriguing blogs last night. It’s amazing how much creativity is out there on this one blog site alone! It was humbling on my little first blog. I can’t even change the background or work out where the follow button is on some profiles. What i would like to know is how to link one of my previous blogs to this one, for example.

I wonder also if blogging every day is too much. It’s important for January because of #writeandrun31 but I’m hoping I’ll continue this new hobby in February that will be the real challenge! Maybe I’ll blog once a week? Or every few days? I’ll start my children’s novel, but I’m assuming I don’t post specific details as someone might snap up my ideas and make them bigger and better! What happens when January is over? Do I blog my duathlon training progress? Probably. Likely.

Untameable Hair

Hair is sitting quite nicely today. After I washed out the conditioner treatment, that is!

On the Kindness of Things by John Tuite

Kindness Blog

“Treat objects as if they had nervous systems.” Bruce Fertman.

the kindness of thingsThere’s an old porcelain telephone on the stage. It’s only there because in the second act it is written that a character answers the phone to hear news of an arrest. After this single moment the telephone plays no more role, contributes nothing to the on-going drama. It’s forgotten by audience and actors alike. Its existence fades.

We tend to treat most objects like they are minor props in a play. They are only real when, and in so far as, they have use to us and the plot we are enacting. They have no voice of their own, no ‘life’ other than that contained in our script. They are not even background.

If we can give up this idea we realise that the simplest of objects offers us a more interesting possibility. Each has a dual existence, like light…

View original post 1,286 more words

Fresh Resolutions

Day 1

Last night was the first NYE that I spent sober for a long time. Rather than getting somewhat sloshed on middle-of-the-price-range prosecco, joe and I had a night in. Joe studying for the most important exam in his medical career and me? Well, I was playing the Sims3 surrounded by chocolate wrappers. Enviable, I know.

Many will still be sleeping and will have missed the doomsday-like clouds that hung heavily over Aberdeen earlier this morning. But being hangover free means I am up and ready to take on 2015. And I mean that sincerely. I’ve been living with depression and anxiety for over a year and, honestly, it has been astoundingly suffocating.

Fresh Resolutions
So on this early January 1st, I have marked my self-help new year by making three, fresh resolutions:

1. Complete the Balmoral Duathlon
2. Complete Veganuary
3. #writeandrun31

1. Last year I promised myself that I would tackle a duathlon after completing the Paris Half Marathon but missed it due to my crippling moods.
2. I’m in toil over dairy consumerism.
3. I would like to write Children’s Novels but unsure where to begin when it comes to writing, so I’ve pledged to #writeandrun31. Each day, for 31 days, I’ve to run (will help with duathlon training) and write. You read it here first, I pledge to run every day for 31 days then write my blog.

Today is Day 1 and I’m running to my New Year’s Day Body Pump class, then run my shaky legs home.

If you’ve ever fancied yourself a runner or writer, I’d suggest you give #writeandrun31 a go! You’ll find it here It says taking up two new things is harder than one, so even if you don’t fancy running, why don’t you try something else? Won’t it be great when at least one of them turns into a new hobby? My fantastically enthusiastic Body Pump instructor reminds us during our hardest tracks that summer bodies are earned in winter!!

Writing a Blog
So the cat is out of the bag. This is the first time I’ve written and I’ve decided to blog about my training progress. The latter is intimately linked with the day’s moods and interests, which will undoubtably infiltrate my progress update.

So I’m all ears if you want to give me advice about, well, anything, really! Do you have fantastic vegan recipes I can try? Excited about pace or hill runs and want to share techniques? Or happen to be a Children Novelist and want to get a budding writer, writing? Let me know. I’d love to hear from you.

Unnamable Hair
And to keep you in the know. My hair is, unashamedly, large this morning. Although, as I peek in the mirror opposite I can see it has a desirable wavy character that some hairdressers could spend hours achieving.