Working Out is Fun!

Day 13

As Joe would endearingly say, I’m a problem. I picked up our Baedeker travel guide for our upcoming trip to Israel, but came out with more books than just that. I’m desperate to flick through its pages and start planning our journey between Jerusalem, Haifa and Tel Aviv, but, as Joe’s on Nights, he’s currently sleeping next door and I don’t want to take a peak before he does.

Day 13
I have to succumb to cross training because my shattered splints have shattered any idea of running right now. So today’s ‘run’ was a 30 minute cheesy, disco-style spin class, disco lights included, which was followed by abs. It was a good workout, but I think I’ll stick to my spin list because I’ve tailored it to sprint work to balance the muscle workout from Body Pump.

Gym Bunnies
January is a busy time for fitness fanatics, new and old alike. I’ve never seen so many ‘celebrity’ fitness DVDs in the supermarket aisles. One guy who takes this to the extreme is Shaun T’s Intense Max Workout. But the irony is that offers exist purely in the crisps, chocolates, fizzy drinks aisles. Um, sure if you wiggle and wobble around your living room once a week, you’ll burn off the weight you want… And you can pick the dvd up when you buy your Buy One Get On Free crisps!

I don’t think anyone is fooled. So I admire anyone who signs up to the gym as their 2015 resolution. It might compromise my enjoyment of the (now super packed) gym, but I secretly say to myself that the girl who runs next to me is looking at me and thinking that she looks forward to when she can match my pace. After all, I still do that! Particularly in Body Pump.

I saw a report on our genes and the impact they have on our eating habits, which, being a Vegetarian, I think is very important. I’m always banging on about healthy choices to Joe because, in my opinion, his diet is somewhat wanting during the intense and high-stress time in his life. The BBC has a test that first calculates your BMI then asks you 12 questions to determine what kind of eater you are: Constant Crave, Feaster or Emotional Eater. The test determines percentages and offers recipes for your ‘type’. I’m 48% craver. No surprise there!

And I’m sure there are plenty of people who say their genes are against them when they want to loose weight, but I just don’t believe that! Rather than blaming the parents for not being able to bust their butt at the gym, just go do it, even if you have to work a little harder.

So, my humble advice to everyone who is anyone, and that includes all weights and sizes… have fun when you workout and it won’t feel like work!

I got that from Popsugar Fitness. A feed I love to follow because it’s fun, uplifting and has plenty of printable strength and cardio workouts and yummy recipes! Check it out!

Untameable Hair
Frizzy in the cold!


The Nuer Didn’t Have Shin Splints


True to form, after a weekend filled with Joe studying, he’s on Night Shift until Friday morning in the Intensive Care Unit negates a whopping 13 hour shift of making decisions that will keep patients alive. He’s manage to text once already, a quick hello to check in with me after the gym, saying that tonight will be busy.

I received a long awaited parcel in the post recently; The Nuer by E. E. Evans Pritchard. I first ‘met’ the Nuer during my undergraduate degree in Social Anthropology at the University of St. Andrews and I’ve been dying to get my inquisitive hands on the ethnography. I’m suspicious that it’s no longer being published, but it’s a must for any SocAnth student, and my copy has come from J. Evans of UCL. VERY exciting. I’ve no idea who he (she) is, but I love the idea of a book having a life history. Who loved it before I do? Did they carry it everywhere, was it studied, read in the morning and at night?

The Nuer fascinate me in particular because of the interconnection between ecology and their culture is fascinating (they were cattle pastoralists, influence high sneaked into their labels for humans!) and then they were somewhat more resistant to British dominance than other people’s. The British needed Evans Pritchard to help them understand and thus gain control over this reluctant group, and his ethnography reads explicitly for that purpose.

Day 12
I had a great Body Pump tonight! True to my promise, I promised myself to cross train and so pushed myself hard with the weights tonight. It was a different instructor than usual, which was a pity because I really like Monday night’s instructor!!

But I broke my promise. Knowing Joe wouldn’t be waiting for me at home, I thought I’d give the treadmill a try. Silly, I know. I think I shattered my shins. I was going to stop at 10 minutes, but I was distracted by the football on the telly, so decided I’d stop at 15 minutes, but by then, I thought I might as well keep going. I did refrain from bumping up the speed every few minutes, so totalled a 3.54km run in 20 minutes.

Untameable Hair
Wanting to keep the silky smoothness from yesterday’s date, I didn’t wash it until after the gym. Rather it’s been tied up all day! Not bad.

Medic WAG

Day 11

I sit in Starbucks and tap to you using beetroot-stained fingernails. Joe and I have been on a date today! For Christmas, his present from me was ’12 Dates of Christmas’, a box of 12 sealed envelopes, each named a month of the year corresponding to an appropriate date. On the first of every month, joe has a new card, a new date to open, and we plan when in the month we can go on it.

Today was reminiscent of our 2nd date; a trip to Aberdeen Museum and a trip to The Coffee House (best cake in town). On that date, joe hadn’t even moved to Aberdeen and I was a jittery and nervous wreck because here I was, a humble teacher in training explaining to an A&E doctor why certain paintings are sublime, surreal or terrible and walking him through the Scottish Art hall and my favourite paintings in the collection. I got butterflies when he asked me to explain Instagram to him and when he wrote a postcard to me, pictured with my favourite painting.

Our date that day had lasted hours. We couldn’t stop talking to each other. Today though, it was almost a speed date! We’ve eaten, pointed at our favourite paintings, huffed at the terrible modern exhibition and now, in starbucks, Joe is back to studying and I’m going to I’ll touch on how I experience being a Doctor’s partner.

Medic WAG
We met online. Joe was charming, sensitive and inquisitive, and even online I thought he was truly wonderful. We sent long emails then met quickly. I felt to intimidated and remember phoning my mum and explaining Joe is an Anaesthetist (the airways guy) and works in A&E. I felt so inadequate. Yes, I had two degrees, interest in cycling, running, art and theatre, but Joe is a doctor! We met fairly quickly, kissed on our first date and we were pretty besotted by each other already! I fell in love with him for so many reasons: his extensive general knowledge, passion, ambition, his attention to detail and the way he asks questions about someone’s interests to really get to know them, his charisma, particularly in social groups and he tells great stories. Plus, he’s a vegetarian! What a bonus!

But whilst our first year was full of adventures, camping and holidays, Joe working in the hospital is difficult for both of us. Joe comes home after a 12 or 13 hour shift where he’s had to constantly make life saving and life changing decision, depending if he’s in surgery or Intensive Care Unit and he’s tired. After that, Joe comes home exhausted because the hospital is understaffed and has to study for a few hours before he can even think about relaxing before bed to start all over again tomorrow. This article summarises the kind of shift Joe has regularly.

It is lonely living with Joe. He can do this for 4 nights at a time or over the weekend and be expected to stay overtime if he’s needed for no extra pay. And I get upset because we’ve had to cancel going to the cinema or the dinner I made for him will be cold, again. Our relationship fits around work and study. Joe’s exam is on January 27th, so his free time is spent with his nose in all kinds of medicine books. Most doctors know what medicine does what, but anaesthetists are old fashioned and expect their doctors to know the why and how. Our relationship comes last at the moment.

He gets his rota of 6 weeks at a time, which means that even planning in advance is pretty non existent. I’ve signed us up for a run on Saturday 6 June but Joe has had remind me that he might be at Job Interviews that weekend. Of course, he might not. He might be on nights, weekend or the small possibility of actually being off! I say I’m okay with that, but, honestly I’m not. I have to go to family functions alone because of the irregular shift pattern and Aberdeen Royal Infirmary’s under-staffed department who rarely grant their doctors study leave, never mind time off for personal events.

So our lives are restricted by Joe’s job. Depending on how he does in his exam at the end of the month, we could be moving somewhere good, bad or not get a progressive job for next year. He’ll be ranked with all the other ITU Anaesthetists and the highest will get the most desirable jobs in the best location. We will have to move to somewhere with a teaching hospital – Dundee? Glasgow? Aberdeen? Edinburgh is out because Joe isn’t competitive enough (he’s not done as many projects and attended as many conferences as others). Or will we move to England? The system is different there and the NHS is plastered over the news, and not because it’s revelling in good light. But Aberdeen is a bad place to be. The doctors don’t get time off to study nor do they get teaching, both of which they are entitled to do.

Support Network
It’s vital that partners of doctors have a strong support base around them. People often expect me to have a lavish lifestyle, attending balls, regular holidays but they don’t recognise the loneliness. Yes we’ve been to Vietnam, Madrid and Brighton last year and are going to Israel, but that is because Joe needs time off because work is stressful. To help, I ask about work. I get all the gruesome details because it’s important to me that Joe knows I understand work can be difficult. I have a friend whose boyfriend works with Joe so we can share how we’re feeling at particularly difficult times, such as not spending Christmas together.

Doctor Joe
But it’s not all bad. I can watch 24 Hours in A&E now without getting grossed out and I now know what is happening to my body when I feel asthmatic, why I swear and shake before being sick and all these doctor questions that you’d never waste your Doctor’s time with! When I was beginning to move in, I fell off the pavement as I tried to pack my car and cut my knee through tights. It was so sore and my lip was quivering as I drove the 10 minutes to his house. I had to peel off and unstick my tights from the wound. It was worse than I thought… There was flappy skin and a stone in it! I cried as I sat on the toilet and Joe cleaned my knee.

But for anything more serious, I get the old cracker, “Go to your Doctor” and no I don’t get prescriptions. It is a matter of professionalism.

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m wary of shin splints returning, so will be cross training for at least the next week. I went to Body Pump this morning. An hour of sweat dripping off my elbows and down my back as I pumped relatively heavy weights at high intensity intervals. I love Pump! I love squats! It’s the Les Mills 92nd release (I’m not sure how often each release lasts for) so new music and new choreography meant the instructor was a little off her usual high energy, powerful thighs and pumping lots of weights.

Untameable Hair
Admittedly, my hair is sitting nicely today because I wanted to look good for Joe. He’s a very kind man because he says he likes my hair “big” (frizzy – think of Loki’s ears!).


Shin Splints


Technically, we are on Day11 in UK time as its past midnight, but we are home late after visiting Loki with friends. LOL is the charming little grump miniature poodle I was looking after yesterday. Whatta’guy!

I’ll keep it short. Yesterday I mentioned that Day7 didn’t upload, which is a shame. I had excused myself for missing running and writing on Day6 because I was tired and it’s important for me to rest when needed. But I feel it was a heart felt post about being the partner of a doctor as this week snd indeed weekend have somewhat epitomised the loneliness that comes with living with a doctor. I plan to share my experience with you tomorrow.

Another 20 minute treadmill tempo run today (I’m really enjoying them!) and although I sustained a faster pace for substantial time, I hit the 3.65km mark again. I come off the treadmill with sweat dripping from my elbows and face, my body feeling fatigued but strong and my mind alert. Keeping so many environmental factors the same gives me a good grounding to push myself. But this fast increase and intense pushing has blessed me with the onslaught of shin splints.

Shin Splints
Have you had shin splints? They’re agonising. I can feel every shattered muscle fibre even when I walk. I’ve had them once before but I thought it was just my legs telling me they weren’t strong, so I pushed through until it was a real struggle to move. That’s when I looked up what could be happening and learned. So, for the next week, if not longer, I’ll cross train using body pump, spin or cycling. I think I’ll ice my shins tomorrow to ease inflammation. I’d love to hear if you know how to treat shin splints? Have you tried compression wear? Does it work?

Untameable Hair
As we were visiting friends this evening, I decided to unwind the hair straighteners and tame the mane! (It is a Saturday after all!)


Morning Links

Day 9

I sit this morning at the unfamiliar to me Mac keyboard, as I usually post on the WordPress ipad app, cradling my fusing Lemon & Ginger Tea and wrapped in a soft blue blanket. I feel upside down as I have got into the habit of writing my writeandrun31 posts after my run before going to bed. Writing has become my full stop to my day; down-time to reflect on my progress.

But I woke up with an overwhelming need to share what is on my mind. I’ve said before that I suffer from depression and anxiety but I’m feeling positive about the illness because I know I have taken monumental steps to heal myself and every day is an opportunity to find myself once again. My post Dedicated has a little more, light information about how the illness affects me. But last night I had a terribly disturned sleep, full of nightmares and have woken up feeling anxious.

Related to how I’m feeling, I read a blog that reminded me of something that helped me when I was in the depths of depression; when I thought there was nothing good about my life. Gratitude is the opportunity to mindfully reflect on the day and record 5 things you are grateful of for that day. I used an app, but to integrate it into my writeandrun31 promise, I think I’ll turn my diary into a gratitude jounral.

I want to share with you…
1. Kehinde Wiley is a fabulous artist. I first saw his work at the Jewish Museum in NYC and every since then I’ve followed his projects. His sumblime work combines  contemporary and historical visuals by portraying larger than life sized portraits of (mostly African) young, urban balck and brown men from all over the world in poses that ooze masulinity, physicality, prestige and history.

2. I was refer back to writeandrun Day 7 post, but after hunting for a few minutes, it must not have uploaded. It was a heart-spilled comment how what it is like to e the partner of a doctor. I’ll keep that for another day.

Day 9
I’m booked in to Body Pump today. An hour of muscle building and pain, leaving the studio feeling sweaty, more powerful and strong. Aberdeen’s weather is very unfriendly and so I won’t be going out to run or cycle in these winds. I’m not sure I’ll be taking little Loki out in this!

Untameable Hair
Sleeping on the poodle-like puffed hair has mellowed the frizz out. So, today, or maybe just for the moment, I’ll boast to say my hair is manageable!

Character Building

Day 8

The #writeandrun31 resolution comes from No Meat Athlete, a remote group/club for anyone who has chosen a meat- free lifestyle. For Joe’s birthday last year, I bought us matching No Meat Athlete running shirts. You can see the front in the photo and it says “Run on Plants” on the back. Tres cool, right? They’re an awesome bunch and their facebook page is rife with inspiration from meat free athletic writers! Or, if you’re into podcasts, they have a podcast or two you might be interested. Joe loves podcasts and listens to them on his walk to work or in the car. Anyway, the team are a really positive feed to have in your life if you’re into that kind of thing.

I embarked on something relatively scary for me. I started an online Writing Fiction course today. Lesson One was character building, in two meanings of the phrase. Yes, I studied the ideal method, autobiographical and biographical methods but I also faced the first step in my long journey to becoming a ‘real’ author. Now, many would argue that by getting my thoughts on paper and assembling them in a climatic and thought provoking way, I become an author, but you know what I mean… I mean to be published. My ideal is not to become a mass producing, best selling author (although how awesome would that be?), but I’d love to write and publish children’s books. To have hardback copies to read to my children.

I stumble at the start, though. My thoughts can be tangled as my untameable hair and I have loads of ideas for stories, but I just can’t fix my characters, which is why I en older in my new class.

If only I was as focused writing as I am when on the treadmill. I’m loving my 20 minute tempo runs and pushed myself hard today, reaching 3.65km. I started faster than usual and at 12 minutes I had a moment when I thought I just couldn’t continue. But I pushed through. I was determined to see through the next character building 8 minutes because I was only going to get faster. Wowcha! My uncertain shins are crying out to be saved so I might swap my trainers for cleats and hop on the bike. The weather isn’t good in Aberdeen for a satisfying ride so I am most likely to hop on the spin bike. Although, I spotted a new Friday night body pump class at the gym, and go h would be good strengthening exercise for my legs. I might just call the gym now, actually and book in.

Dog Sitting
A (cycling and running) friend has her parents’ dog staying from tonight for a week. He’s a beautiful, 3yo black miniature poodle and I’m looking after him tomorrow. Just so he’s not allowed be on his first day in the Granite City! We’ll get to the beach and I’ll hopefully grab a photo of him to show you tomorrow.

We’ve booked our flights and will be packing our bags in a couple of weeks for a mystical journey to Israel. I imagine it to be completely sublime, and Joe deserves a treat after studying hard for his exam at the end of the month.

Untameable Hair
Hair is windswept and frizzy. All normal.


Tearing the Treadmill

Day 5

Today I had to make a choice: to run or to snooze? I choose to run. I made a promise to myself to run (or cycle, or spin) every day for 31 days then blog about my progress (see my first post, Fresh Resolutions). I have 26 days to go and I’m already feeling fatigued. This is going to be a challenging feat, I assure you. As you know, I’m not new to exercise but I am new to working out every day.

Kitchen Conquered
I tacked our kitchen today. In 2014 it became a sprawling mass of Tupperware, baking tins, trays and cutters with a plethora of tea flavours in boxes and more cans of beans than one cares to imagine. At 10:00 I began the cupboard excavation, piling mugs, flasks, seeds, dried fruit and a,l kinds of pulses in the hallway. Next out was the medicine cabinet, followed by various baking ingredients and cooking dishes. Now, to have a full picture of this, we have only a little flat and I couldn’t escape from the kitchen because everything took up the hallway. Recognising that the insides of cupboards could do with I bit of TLC, I fished out the Marigolds and methodically rearranged put kitchen. It was immensely satisfying. Kitchen conquered.

Three hours later, I was feeling pretty peckish and theSims3 was mischievously luring me in (Molly married Conrad, he didn’t move in, but she adopted Harry. Molly succeeded in her lifetime goal to become an illustrious author and Conrad is now dead). I struggled to get to the gym. I chicken out of running outside today, making the excuse that it’s still too dangerous, but I read an inspirational a post yesterday (again, I’d love to link the photo to you but unsure how because it’s a facebook post) and saw that she ran in -19C (-24C windchill! Remarkable determination and dedication. I took to the treadmill for another 20 minute Tempo run. It was the right choice for me today because I left feeling great! I was tearing the treadmill with 3.50km! That’s the furthest in the time yet!

The Granite City in the Spa
Aberdeen is infamous for its architecture. It was nominated for ugliest town 2014 which didn’t succumb. There are times when Aberdeen feels as isolating as a remote island when the threading clouds or haar come rolling in from the deadly North Sea. But it is sparkling and beautiful. When the sun hits the granite buildings, our city lights up and shines. As you walk along our Main Street, the buildings are smothered in intricate decorations and the Victorian parks are a treat away from chaotic traffic and bustling streets.

Aberdeen’s culture could have been epitomised by my time in the sauna today. I walked in on two older men having a conversation about Oil (stereotype 1). If you aren’t aware, Aberdeen is controlled by the oil industry and the price of everything is exponentially more expensive than the majority of the UK. Young boys drive around their flashy cars and men dress in expensive clothing. So as I listened into their conversation, I understand that the UK is manipulating others to become an even bigger contender in the industry. They exchanged places with two younger ‘lads’ were mooching about their footballer friends (stereotype 2, football).

Untameable Hair
Not a lot to report on my hair tonight. The gym shampoo is doing a fantastic defrizzing job. It was a mad rush from gym-shower-pick up purse because I forgot it-dinner with friends-pub quiz this evening so it’s left disheveled as I take myself to bed.

Gearing Up

Day 4

By posting today’s blog, I’ll have fulfilled my Fresh Resolution quota (see Day 1, ‘Fresh Resolutions’). Not only have I managed to stay true to veganism, I’ll have trained for my duathlon and (here’s the exception) cycled and written my progress for Day 4.

Let’s be true to ourselves, #writeandrun is a fantastic idea, if you’re preparing for a running race. But as we know, I’m gearing up (literally…) for a springtime duathlon. This means, and I hope I have your support on this one,mI’ll allow myself to train on two wheels rather than two legs occasionally.

I Love My Bike
I lay my Lycra on the bed ready for a great ride in the sunshine. The sun has been shining beautifully all day and I’m so keen to get out for my first ride of the year. I cycle with the local cycling club, which I adore. I go to the WEDNESDAY ladies only summer training and Sunday Runs. These guys are real cyclists. Their bikes are multiple hundreds, if not one or a couple of thousands of pounds. You can catch a look of my bike in the photo. Check out this link to see our kit. It clashes beautifully with my bike paint job. I love it.

Day 4
Anyways, I’m dreaming into distraction. Bikes bikes bikes. I was so hoping to get out on his morning’s Sunday Run and play catch up with very fit cyclists, but it was too icy for me. I’m pretty sure there were a couple of hardcore guys that went for it, but at -2C, I’ll pass and jump on the gym’s spin bike for a 30 minute interval session. OUWCHA.

I’d like to consider myself as relatively fit. I do some sort of exercise every day and my active rest days treat me with a good yoga session. But my calves were burning!… Again! I love spin. It’s intense and excessive and I push myself further than you care to imagine. I love it so much that during one job, I was the extra-curricular spin class instructor. I created a 20 minute playlist for the class and, since then, have been amending it to get THE ULTIMATE PLAYLIST. It’s 60 minutes of standing, sitting, running, sprinting. I’d share it with you, but bring new to blogging, I’ve yet to gain that skill.

Blogging Skills
The Sims3 is ruining my thought process. I automatically think of the progress bar from the game when I mention ‘skill’. Ridiculous. If you have any tried and tested remedies, please share. Honestly.

But enough of the Sims3, I can share that with you later. But if you are interested, Sparrow’s Husband, Conrad dies, their adopted daughter, Molly is alive and kicking with a career in medicine and on track to becoming an Illustrious Author. She’s a best seller, you know! Oh, and she moved into a bigger place. I don’t like it though, so she may go through a spot of refurbishing.

Back on topic though, I was searching through intriguing blogs last night. It’s amazing how much creativity is out there on this one blog site alone! It was humbling on my little first blog. I can’t even change the background or work out where the follow button is on some profiles. What i would like to know is how to link one of my previous blogs to this one, for example.

I wonder also if blogging every day is too much. It’s important for January because of #writeandrun31 but I’m hoping I’ll continue this new hobby in February that will be the real challenge! Maybe I’ll blog once a week? Or every few days? I’ll start my children’s novel, but I’m assuming I don’t post specific details as someone might snap up my ideas and make them bigger and better! What happens when January is over? Do I blog my duathlon training progress? Probably. Likely.

Untameable Hair

Hair is sitting quite nicely today. After I washed out the conditioner treatment, that is!

On the Kindness of Things by John Tuite

Kindness Blog

“Treat objects as if they had nervous systems.” Bruce Fertman.

the kindness of thingsThere’s an old porcelain telephone on the stage. It’s only there because in the second act it is written that a character answers the phone to hear news of an arrest. After this single moment the telephone plays no more role, contributes nothing to the on-going drama. It’s forgotten by audience and actors alike. Its existence fades.

We tend to treat most objects like they are minor props in a play. They are only real when, and in so far as, they have use to us and the plot we are enacting. They have no voice of their own, no ‘life’ other than that contained in our script. They are not even background.

If we can give up this idea we realise that the simplest of objects offers us a more interesting possibility. Each has a dual existence, like light…

View original post 1,286 more words

Bag Groper and Tempo Runs

Day 3

“Erm, Kirsty? What’s that on your pizza?”
[bewildered pause] “Uh… olives?”
“No, the other one”

Joe and I love olives so I was absolutely dumbfounded when he asked what seemed a very obvious question. I know you don’t know me well yet, but my face can make all kinds of strange expressions that would make a yawning lion jealous of. So, why didn’t he know they were olives? Oh, wait, Veganuary. A Fresh Resolution, squandered on a grab-a-quick-pizza after studying. Cue the appropriately disappointed face.

Vegan to Veggie
Let me explain one thing. When I chose to stop eating meat, I went vegan right from the start. I change cleaning products and make up, too because I was moving to Aberdeen and I so happened to replenish my make up bag (not that I wear a lot, or often). Being vegan felt natural and was a great adventure. I researched why I was vegan and had a great time exploring new ingredients and recipes. But then I had a tonsillectomy and craving yoghurt and work, as you know from yesterday’ spots got overwhelming so I stopped taking as much care for my wants and it was easier to slip.

On top of that, I met Joe, the kindest person I know, and he’s veggie, too! Great! A veggie boyfriend! He’s a doctor (swoon). But this cheeky little fact means that he discourages veganism because of health reasons. What does he know, eh? But I won’t turn my blog into reasons for and against veganism. The only people who want to read about that are, in fact, vegans. Trust me, I know.

Anyway, since I slipped yesterday in one my resolutions, I’ve decided not to feel guilty. That’s the kind of thing I would have been caught up in a few months back. A simple, yet promising sign that I’m battling my lurid depression. So, today was a new, vegan day and I plan to continue that way!

The Sims 3
I’m unashamedly obsessed with The Sims 3 for Xbox360, but I’m too embarrassed to share exactly how many hours I sat playing it today (over 5). Long enough to watch Sparrow have a baby, watch her grow up and graduate before haunting her family then disappear altogether!

My calves have been tingling all day after tearing up Aberdeen’s pavements yesterday. Please don’t mention that slumped in The Sims seat for 7 hours will not have helped!! It’s incredibly icy tonight so I opted for a tempo run: 20 minutes on the treadmill. How far can I run? Today, 3.42km. Respectable, right? I could’ve pushed harder, but I was so aware of my calves.

I enjoy my tempo runs and feel great when I work out. They’re exhausting and simultaneously exhilarating. Running outside makes me feel free, cycling, unstoppable (it’s either the Lycra or powerful legs!), body pump, strong, equal and treadmill tempo runs make me feel dedicated.

Bag Groper
The infamously loud locker room lady was back tonight. I came out of the shower (well, to be honest, I actually heard her whilst I was in the shower, full power, washing my hair) and her favourite locker is indeed underneath mine. Tonight, though, I started wondering why our paths continue to cross? Last night she loudly announced that she was speaking to the owner of a very nice lighting studio in town. And today she bellowed across the communal wooden bench that this woman owns the new flour shop and she’ll be busy over Valentines.

Is this loud, blond bobbed haired little lady my guardian angel who is influencing my life? Should I take a leap and befriend her? What else might she bring my way?

Untameable Hair
This evening, I’m going for a deep conditioned look. So after washing it, I condition and let my hair dry naturally. One may say my hair is au natural, but frizz-come-wave is a more realistic description.