Sweat a Little

Day 15

I went with Joe to the Dentist today. I told him jokingly it was because I wanted to make sure he actually went in, but it was really because I know how nervous the Dentist makes him. We had a short wait, then the time came when he was the patient! He came out with a sparkling smile, even though he has to go back next week, and twice told me “how strange it was to be on the other side of the table”.

I had a long lie in and woke up at midday(!!) feeling sluggish. That meant I slept through my Body Pump class and had to have lunch rather than breakfast. I hate missing meals.

I decided that maybe fate was telling me today should be a rest day? But I couldn’t help it thinking if I really needed a rest day or if I was just feeling a little bit lazy. I made peace with having a rest day after my shins started to tingle a little again. But, once Joe left for work and dinner was finished, I was too restless and headed off to the gym.

I basically just went to the gym to shower. Standing in bra and shorts, I remembered my trainers are waiting by the front door at home. Not to worry, I’ll go for a swim. But then I remembered the Old Wife’s Tale and my mum always said that he ou shouldn’t swim after eating because I’ll sink! So, my ‘run’ turned into a 15 minute sauna! It was very relaxing!

Personal Diet
I wrote about the BBC’s report how genes affect the way we eat, posted a link to their test and now want to share the TV Program. It suggest that our different body types affect our relationships with foods and, by taking the test, you can figure out what kind of eater you are and get recipe ideas to satisfy YOU!

It’s remarkable if it works, but I’m unsure. I’m a constant craver (I do always think about food), but I’m also a Feaster (I have no sense of control) and an Emotional Eater (I might have once demolished a whole tub of Ben & Jerry’s during my exams). There’s also a What’s the Right Diet for You series. I have yet to see it, but you can catch it on iPlayer. I’m somewhat suspicious because they chose people who were very much one Eater and not a mix. Would they get the same weight loss results? Plus, the volunteers are overweight and, if eating healthier and with portion control, they will loose weight no matter which Eater Diet they followed.

Untameable Hair
Hot and fluffy after my sauna.